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You'll find on this page the public version of the pChart library. Only major version are published here. If you want to have access to the latest devel archive you'll need to be part of the early adopters community.

After downloading the archive, if you feel lost, please go to the documentation portal by clicking on the top right "Documentation" link.

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disk Sub Release 2.1.2

pChart 2.1.2 (zip)
     md5 : b7ec9b89452782c2a0d0ffee0829aa36
1058KB 03 August 2011
pChart 2.1.2 (tar)
     md5 : dd545d8a68877f225e652c83270d19e6
2810KB 03 August 2011
pChart 2.1.2 (tar.gz)
     md5 : f2493753d05a51a65bde7670cdc92fdb
940KB 03 August 2011

Conditional Formating Conditional Formating
Zone charts Geometric mean
ImageMaps Radar Labels

Release Notes

Added zone threshold support for filled area charts.
Added zone threshold support for filled spline charts.
Added the setScatterSerieShape() function.
Added the getSerieMedian() function.
Added the drawZoneChart() function.
Added the getStandardDeviation() function.
Added the getCoefficientOfVariation() function.
Added the getGeometricMean() function.
Added the getHarmonicMean() function.
Introduced support for imageMap.
Added the initialiseImageMap() function.
Added the addToImageMap() function.
Added the dumpImageMap() function.
Added value writting supports to the radars & polars charts.
Added the option to add an inner border to the reg. and stacked bar charts.
Fixed a visual bug in the drawAreaChart function. (thks to dmiller)
Added the BrowserExpire param to the stroke() function (thks to marquonis)
Fixed a visual bug in the drawBarChart function when the Interleave is 0.
Corrected a bug in the drawScatterBestFit() function (thks to ares)
Fixed some bugs with the pie chart functions.

disk Sub Release 2.1.1

pChart 2.1.1 (zip)
     md5 : 8836c3004531875f490a44c519f0cf3f
1005KB 28 March 2011
pChart 2.1.1 (tar)
     md5 : a4402bf6b1b540efd54fe132321a966b
2630KB 28 March 2011
pChart 2.1.1 (tar.gz)
     md5 : 301f1024874eb1ab6f31cae17693f25e
919KB 28 March 2011

2DRing 3DRing.zero
labels indicator
plots surface
surface labels

Release Notes

Created the pIndicator class.
Created the pSurface class.
Added the drawLabel() function.
Added the writeScatterLabel() function.
Added the writeBubbleLabel() function.
Added the ForceAlpha parameter to the buble chart.
Added the LabelStacked parameter to the 2D and 3D pie charts.
Added 2D ring chart support to the pPie class extension.
Added 3D ring chart support to the pPie class extension.
Added the autoOutput() method to the pCache class.
Added some NULL value tests.
Added the setSerieShape() function to the pData class.
Added the setAbscissaName() function to the pData class.
Fixed a bug in the getAverage() function.
Changed the VOID constant from 0.12345 to 0.123456789.
Fixed a bug with the number of decimals in the METRIC scale.
Fixed a visual bug with reversed bar chart labelling.
Added the ValuePosition & ValuePadding parameters to the pie charts.
Added the WriteValue parameters to the 2D pie charts.
Added the getSeriePalette() function to the pData class.
pData methods can now accept array of serie parameters.
Fixed a bug in the scatter spline chart VOID values handling.

disk Sub Release 2.1.0

pChart 2.1.0 (zip)
     md5 : b19ec503a496b80c777a49bfeb55a642
969KB 25 January 2011
pChart 2.1.0 (tar)
     md5 : f2ae205ecc1c6974b94109b1bbb3ec49
2470KB 25 January 2011
pChart 2.1.0 (tar.gz)
     md5 : c044041675cd30e3db4fc3d9981495a6
901KB 25 January 2011

The name of the class files has changed. This means that you'll have to update manually your current scripts : include("class/pData.class"); will become : include("class/pData.class.php");

barchart.can floating.zero
examples step.chart
scale.floating scatter.bestfit
scatter.line scatter.spline

Release Notes

Renamed the .class files to .class.php.
Created the pScatter class.
Added a Forces config. array to drawSpline() function to allow parametric forces.
Added Floating0Serie, Floating0Value & Draw0Line options to the drawBarChart function.
Added support for line and filled step charts.
Fixed some visual artifact in the drawGradient(), drawRoundedFilledRectangle() and drawRadar() functions.
Rewritten the example index page.
Added the Floating parameter to the scaling functions.
Added the drawBestFit() and drawScatterBestFit() math functions.
Additional Minor fixes.

disk Sub Release 2.0.13

pChart 2.0.13 (zip)
     md5 : a50d3945d9782ef1fffb7501d5f17d91
948KB 18 January 2011
pChart 2.0.13 (tar)
     md5 : ccd31a23a8986638ab66080ef6b5013f
2330KB 18 January 2011
pChart 2.0.13 (tar.gz)
     md5 : 7fdef41722cb16adbbd840e77aabb72d
901KB 18 January 2011

bubble.can serie.picture

Release Notes

Modified the drawScale() function to get the best visual factors.
Added the BorderAlpha parameter to the drawFilledCircle() function.
Shipped more examples.
Fixed a bug in the normalize() function and 0 Values.
Finally implemented the setSeriePicture() output.
Added the bubble class extension.
Added the possibility to have a transparent background to the generated pictures keeping the alpha channels (thanks to georgi.m)
Updated the sandbox to support transparent background.
Added the drawDerivative() function to draw curve slope factor.
Additional Minor fixes.

disk Sub Release 2.0.12

pChart 2.0.12 (zip)
     md5 : 01b4c75b862bec9f45128eb42dfede91
932KB 10 January 2011
pChart 2.0.12 (tar)
     md5 : b20af6d783bbfa4d9e97d12bc0966a40
2270KB 10 January 2011
pChart 2.0.12 (tar.gz)
     md5 : a77249d458b9c51708922a5cfcd2bf34
893KB 10 January 2011

missing weight

Release Notes

Added missing points (VOID) handling for line & spline charts.
Added customisation options to the drawLegend() function.
Various additions and enhancements in the sandbox.
Added the weight series support to the drawSplineChart() function.
Added the SCALE_MODE_MANUAL scaling method.

disk Sub Release 2.0.11

pChart 2.0.11 (zip)
     md5 : 4ad26f2efe43ada437b227f9d9f78727
928KB 07 January 2011
pChart 2.0.11 (tar)
     md5 : 096094fb6084199701d1b3cfba9efb74
2250KB 07 January 2011
pChart 2.0.11 (tar.gz)
     md5 : aafafcd8b05b5f2c44f964a735a908cd
891KB 07 January 2011

radar sandbox

Release Notes

Added the AxisBoxRounded, AxisFontName, AxisFontSize parameters to the radar and polar class.
Fixed a bug with the axis labels of the radar charts using the STAR layout.
Fixed a bug in the axis format computing.
Added the axis format option in the sandbox system.
Tuned the way the METRIC scales are displayed.
Fixed a bug with the getWidth(), getHeight().

disk Major Release 2.0.10

pChart 2.0.10 (zip)
     md5 : d931eb1bd6028ec79b57433921dc4301
918KB 04 January 2011
pChart 2.0.10 (tar)
     md5 : 1bf8d568421b6552f126930d55b0f670
2210KB 04 January 2011
pChart 2.0.10 (tar.gz)
     md5 : 0ed7867482352d3e86f2717d21016243
887KB 04 January 2011