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A good library must provide ways to extend it for each users needs. pChart has been created in an object oriented way allowing everybody to create new classes that will inherit all core objects and methods. Today, this interface is used to create barcodes, bubble charts, scatter charts, data networks representations... and many more to come.

spring charts
Draw data networks
pSpring - Draw data networks
Spring charts allows you to represent visually data networks. This networks are composed of nodes and relations. Force-based or force-directed algorithms are a class of algorithms for drawing graphs in an aesthetically pleasing way. Their purpose is to position the nodes of a graph in two dimensional space so that all the edges are of more or less equal length and there are as few crossing edges as possible.
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Easily create barcodes
Barcodes extension
The barcode extension allow you to create code 39 and 128 barcodes. You can then integrate it in online documents like PDFs or pictures.
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Speed up your rendering using the internal cache system
pCache to reduce CPU time
The internal cache has been completly re-written for an easier management. You can now delete the cached object with a low hit rate or flush the older ones in one call. All data are stored in only two solid files.
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Use the sandbox to quickly design your charts
Sandbox engine
The sandbox engine is included in the /examples/ folder of the pChart library. You can use it to quickly design your charts and get the associated code. As of today, there is no other PHP charting library providing such features in their packages.
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Add labels over your charts
Labels support
You can highlight specific plots on your charts using labels. Labels size, color and contents can be easily customized.
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image maps
Client side image maps
Image maps support
It is now possible to create imagemaps for your charts that adds and extra interactive experience with your users
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conditional formatting
Add color thresholds to the area charts
Conditional Formatting
Define thresholds that will be used to use different filling color depending of the plot values.
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Play with some visual effects
Visual effects
Our aim is to deliver high quality graphics that you can integrate in your presentations or complex documents
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