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The first purpose of pChart was to provide an easy interface for drawing anti-aliased pictures using the GD library. Then alpha-transparency and shadow supports have been integrated in addition to all the primitive functions to draw basic shapes. pChart can be used as a high level drawing library if you only need to create shapes & text composed pictures.

Basic shapes with anti-aliasing
Native anti-aliasing
pChart supports natively anti-aliasing for all basic object : line, curve, box, rounded box, circle, polygons. The anti-aliasing algorithm is an optimised version of the one created for the first version of pChart.
See more in the documentation..

Support for shadows
Shadow support
You can enable or disable shadow support, define the color of the shadow, its distance to the object and its transparency factor. Shadows are drawn using the internal anti-alias algorithm.
See more in the documentation..

Alpha transparency on all shapes
Alpha transparency is supported by all the primitive drawing functions. It will allow you to create great visual results. Alpha transparency will not slow down the rendering of your picture as it is directly computed by the GD binaries.
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Cubic -smooth- bezier curves
Spline, cubic curves
Bored of flat charts? pChart can compute natively spline path based on a list of points in a 2D space.
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